SNL: Natalie Portman’s Jackie Kennedy and other passe FLOTUSes provide Melania Trump advice


Queen Amidala’s regal robe wasn’t the only real worn costume Natalie Portman donned as soon as more on this weekend’s Saturday Night Dwell; she also stepped again into Jackie Kennedy’s impeccable crimson wool boucle swimsuit yet all yet again to expose a fellow inaccurate first lady some make stronger.

Cecily Stable’s Melania Trump — an affect perchance cherished by the explicit Melania Trump — got some advice from a time-touring make stronger community of past FLOTUSes in without a doubt one of the crucial closing sketches of the night. Making an strive to pump herself up for the Stammer of the Union (“come on, Melania, practice your chuffed face,” she tells herself earlier than pouting into the contemplate), she wishes she might presumably “talk to any individual who’s been thru this total mess earlier than!”

And proper love that, she’s joined by Portman’s Jackie. “I know the diagram very making an strive being a major lady might presumably also furthermore be,” Portman reassures her earlier than explaining, “All first females include a platform. Yours is bullying. Mine was miniature hats.”

Exact as Stable’s Melania laments, “No first lady has ever been more humiliated than me,” Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton enters to say her that the only real advance to manage is to “explain yourself it’ll all be worth it if you’re president.”

After Clinton compares selecting to marry Trump to selecting to employ 7-Eleven sushi, who need to aloof expose up but Aidy Bryant as Martha Washington! She arrives correct in time to rattle off an inventory of the first lady’s tasks, all of which Stable-as-Melania ingredients out are lined by Ivanka, bringing Martha to the conclusion that “perchance being first lady correct advance being with any individual you don’t in fact love who doesn’t treat you thoroughly.”

But FLOTUS forty Four isn’t having that. “Keep up a correspondence for yourself, Martha!” Leslie Jones-as-Michelle Obama cries as she enters the room. “Barack and I include a preferrred relationship. It’s love The Notebook, but dim and rich.”

“Now safe accessible and produce what first females include continually completed: Stand there and clap,” Portman’s Jackie urges her. “Okay. But often I’m going to sit down down down down and no longer clap,” inaccurate Melania replies defiantly, garnering cheers from her fellow FLOTUSes. No topic the centuries and politics that separate them, no longer no longer as a lot as there’s one thing they might be able to all agree on.

Strive the final video above.

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