Sooner than I Drop author Lauren Oliver previews attractive unique book Damaged Issues


It’s been 5 years since Summer Marks used to be brutally murdered within the woods.

That’s the hook for the most up-to-the-minute unique from Lauren Oliver, author of the 2010 most attention-grabbing-vendor Sooner than I Drop (which used to be tailored true into a movie starring Zoey Deutch closing twelve months). Oliver has effect out more than a dozen novels within the years since her breakout, and her most up-to-the-minute is definite to entice fans. A standalone psychological thriller, Damaged Issues explores the boundaries of obsession and friendship, taking readers on a most unpredictable budge.

As the book begins, everybody wrongly thinks Mia and Brynn killed Summer, their most attention-grabbing friend. On the anniversary of Summer’s death, a seemingly insignificant discovery resurrects the mystery and pulls Mia and Brynn support together. However because the traces start to blur between previous and showcase, fiction and fact, the ladies must confront what really took situation within the woods all these years within the past — no topic how horrible.

Oliver has completely shared with EW the official quilt for Damaged Issues, as successfully as an excerpt. Read on under, and pre-verbalize the book sooner than its Oct. 2 start here.

Excerpt from Damaged Issues, by Lauren Oliver


Sooner than we had been the Monsters of Brickhouse Lane — sooner than everybody from Connecticut to California knew us by that tagline, and blogs ran photos of our faces, and procuring our names led to sites that crashed from the total visitors — we had been beautiful ladies, and there had been only two of us.


Five years within the past, after I had beautiful turned thirteen, I killed my most attention-grabbing friend.

I chased her down and cracked her over the head with a rock. Then I dragged her physique out of the woods and true into a arena and organized it within the center of a circle of stones I’d placed there with my other friend, Mia. Then we knifed her twice within the throat, and 5 times within the chest. Mia used to be planning to douse her physique with gasoline and light-weight her on fireplace, nonetheless one thing went fallacious and we bolted as a substitute.

Here’s how everybody knew we had been guilty: we had described the crime, more or much less, in a fan fic sequel to the book we had been all .

In a while, Mia and I split up. She went dwelling and spent the night conked out in entrance of the TV, without even bothering to orderly up the gasoline that had soaked her jean shorts. I was more careful. I did a load of laundry — hauling ass to the native Bubble ’N’ Jog, since we didn’t beget a machine at my dwelling. The police had been unexcited ready to extract samples of blood from my T-shirt, no longer Summer’s nonetheless somewhat of animal blood, since we’d beforehand practiced the knifing ritual on a cat, additionally showcase within the world.

Owen Waldmann, Summer’s kind-of-perchance boyfriend, disappeared after the kill and didn’t return for twenty-four hours, at which point he claimed he didn’t know anything about it. He by no technique stated where he had long gone.

He used to be lying, clearly. He used to be the one who orchestrated your total thing. He used to be jealous because Summer had been putting out with older boys, take care of Jake Ginsky, who used to be on the high faculty soccer group. That used to be the twelve months Summer started growing up, leaving the leisure of us within the support of, altering the foundations.

Maybe we had been all somewhat jealous of her.

Owen used to be the one who tackled Summer when she tried to urge, hit her over the head with a rock, and dragged her support to us in assert that Mia and I took turns stabbing her. He used to be the one who introduced the can of gasoline and the one too dull to dump the can after we mostly emptied it. It used to be discovered, later, beautiful exterior his garage, within the support of his dad’s garden mower.

Owen, Mia, and me, Brynn.

The Monsters of Brickhouse Lane.

The kid killers.

That’s the memoir the manner everybody tells it, no longer much less than, a memoir repeated so repeatedly, authorized by so many folks, it has change into fact. By no technique mind that the case against Mia and me by no technique even made it out of family court. Strive as laborious as they might per chance well additionally, the police officers couldn’t carry out the details fit. And half the files we told them used to be illegally obtained, since we’d by no technique even been cautioned. By no technique mind that Owen used to be acquitted in felony court, no longer guilty, free to pass inch.

By no technique mind, both, that we didn’t attain it.

In books, secret worlds are accessible by doors or keys or other bodily objects. However Lovelorn used to be no longer the type of world, and seemed at whim and only when it felt take care of it, with a subtle commerce take care of the uninteresting shifting of afternoon to night.

So it used to be that one day, three most attention-grabbing chums — Audrey, Ashleigh, and Ava — had been bored and sizzling and decided to search out the woods within the support of Ava’s dwelling, even if essentially there used to be limited to search out that they hadn’t already seen.

That day, alternatively, a extraordinary thing took situation when they spark off into the woods.

— From The Plan into Lovelorn by Georgia C. Wells, 1963


“Your physicals gape beautiful.” Paulie bends over my file, scrubbing her nose with a finger. A mountainous pimple is growing beautiful above her true nostril. “Blood stress’s colossal, liver seems true. Fashioned coronary heart rate. I’d negate you’re in true form.”

“Thanks,” I negate.

“However the most necessary thing is how you feel.” When she leans support, her blouse traces around the buttons. Unhappy Paulie. The residential director at Four Corners, she regularly has the dazed gape of any individual who beautiful got true into a fender bender. And she can be able to’t gown for hell. It’s take care of she buys garments for one more particular person’s physique — too-tight Lycra blouses or too-mountainous skirts and man sneakers. Maybe she Dumpster-dives her total dresser.

Summer broken-true down to attain that: she got her garments in bulk from the Salvation Army or beautiful stole them. However she might per chance well per chance carry out anything gape true. She’d pick an ancient band T-shirt, additional-colossal, and turn it true into a gown, belting it with a bike chain and pairing it with ancient Chucks. Garbage type, she called it.

She used to be going to pass to Unique York City and be a model when she turned sixteen, and in a while beget her appreciate type line. She used to be going to be a illustrious actress, and write her memoir.

She used to be going to attain so many things.

“I feel true,” I negate. “Solid.”

Paulie adjusts her glasses, a fearful behavior. “Six rehabs since eighth grade,” she says. “I desire to heart of attention on you’re ready for a commerce.”

“Four Corners is diverse,” I negate, dodging the demand I know she needs to query. Of the total rehabs I’ve been to, plus clinic detoxes, sober-living facilities, and midway properties, Four Corners is the nicest. I beget my appreciate room, better even than my room at dwelling. There’s a pool and a sauna. There’s a volleyball court on somewhat of scrubby garden and a flat-display cloak TV within the media room. Even the meals is true — there’s a salad bar and smoothies and a cappuccino machine (decaf only; Four Corners doesn’t permit caffeine). If it weren’t for the total therapy sessions, it would be take care of staying at a great hotel.

A minimum of, I appreciate it would be. I’ve by no technique stayed at a hotel.

“I’m delighted to hear it,” Paulie says. Her eyes are fish-mountainous, broad and true within the support of her glasses. “I don’t desire to witness you support here in six months.”

“You obtained’t,” I negate, which is roughly upright. I’m no longer going to attain support support to Four Corners. I’m no longer leaving in any admire.

I take care of rehab. I deal alongside with your total routine of it, the orderly rooms and the workforce with their the same polo shirts and identically succesful expressions, take care of successfully-professional canines. I take care of the mottos posted in each single situation on construction paper: let inch or be dragged; are living and let are living; beget an perspective of gratitude. Life in chunk-size portions. Runt Snickers–sized wisdom.

It seems that after a most necessary day out to rehab, it’s easy to hopscotch. All you will want to attain is ensure to flunk a pee take a look at true sooner than you’re supposed to get out. Then counselors get called in; insurance coverage companies, social workers, and relatives are contacted; and neutral shortly you’ve got yourself a long defend. Even now that I’m eighteen, and might per chance well per chance technically leave on my appreciate recognizance, it obtained’t be laborious: you’d be amazed at how rapid folks rally together when they suspect their patient might per chance well per chance wish killed anyone sooner than she used to be even menstruating.

I don’t take care of lying, especially to folks take care of Paulie. However I withhold the memoir easy and neutral total — pills and booze, Oxy I broken-true down to clutch from my mother — and moreover the particular I’m an addict share, I don’t desire to false it too indispensable.

My mother used to be on Oxy the closing time I was dwelling, since some idiot in an SUV rear-ended her when she used to be coming dwelling from a slack shift at the clinic and fractured her backbone in two locations.

I get nightmares, horror assaults. I wake up within the night and unexcited, all these years later, appreciate I witness the intense burst of a flash exterior my window. Generally I hear the enlighten of an insult, a relate whispering psycho, devil, killer. Generally it’s Summer I witness, pleasing Summer with her lengthy blond hair, lying on the ground for the duration of a circle of stones, her face a mass of terror — or perchance still, smiling, because the memoir she had been writing for goodbye had at closing attain upright.

That’s one thing I don’t focus on here, no topic how repeatedly Trish or Paulie or any of the opposite counselors push. I don’t focus on Mia, or Summer, or Owen, or Lovelorn and what took situation there, how we believed in it, how it grew to alter into true.

In rehab, I could per chance well additionally additionally be whoever I desire. And that technique, lastly, I don’t desire to be a monster.

Lovelorn had its appreciate weather, beautiful because it had its appreciate time. Generally the ladies passed via into Lovelorn at high midday and discovered that interior the aloof hush of the Taralin Woods it used to be all rose and crimson, lengthy shadows and crickets, and that the solar used to be already kissing the horizon. Unbiased true as regularly, when it used to be cool and moist of their world, it used to be brilliantly sunny in Lovelorn, elephantine of summertime bees and elephantine mosquitoes. One or one other of the ladies used to be regularly abandoning sweatshirts, scarves, or hats on the opposite aspect, and being lectured for it later.

— From The Plan into Lovelorn by Georgia C. Wells


“Holy mother of funk.” Abby, my most attention-grabbing friend, holds up a moldering share of materials between two white-gloved fingers. “What is that this?”

Regardless of it broken-true down to be — a jacket? a blanket? a local rug? — is now gloomy, stiff with years of stains accumulating and drying, and total of holes where it’s been chewed up by a procession of bugs. And it smells. Even even if I’m midway all over the room, and separated from Abby by mounds of books and newspapers, lamps and ancient AC devices, and cardboard containers containing a hundred diverse by no technique-broken-down, by no technique-unpacked purchases, the kind you verbalize off TV within the darkish — blenders and multipurpose knives and Snuggies and even a rotisserie oven — the smell unexcited makes my eyes water.

“Don’t question,” I negate. “Unbiased true earn it.”

She shakes her head. “Did your mother stash a plain physique in here or one thing?” she says, and then, realizing what she’s stated, rapid stuffs the materials true into a garden-and-leaf earn. “Sorry.”

“That’s ample,” I negate. That’s one in every of the things I really take care of about Abby: she forgets. She legitimately fails to be aware that after I was twelve, I was accused of murdering my most attention-grabbing friend. That the first Google consequence that pops up even as you form in Mia Ferguson is a piece of writing on a preferred parenting blog called “How Enact Adolescents Turn out to be Monsters? Who’s to Blame?”

Partly, that’s because Abby moved here only two years within the past. She’d heard regarding the kill, sure — everybody’s heard about it — nonetheless secondhand is diverse. To folks exterior our city, Summer’s death used to be a tragedy, and the proven fact that three kids had been the principle (ample, only) suspects, a scare, incredible.

However in Twin Lakes it used to be personal. Five years later, I unexcited can’t slump in city without everybody evident at me or whispering unpleasant things. Once, a couple of years within the past, a girl approached me exterior the Knit Equipment — I’d been having a gape at the baskets piled with fleecy, multicolored wool, and the observe within the window, Absorb Socks, No longer Battle — lips puckered as if she used to be about to kiss me, and spat in my face.

Even my mother is abused each time she has to pass browsing or fall off laundry or inch to the post situation of business. I assume everybody blames her for raising a monster. At a sure point, it beautiful grew to alter into less complicated to defend interior. Fortunately — or perchance unluckily — she has her appreciate online marketing industry. Since she can be able to verbalize everything from lavatory paper to socks to milk on the receive, she can be able to inch six months without ever stepping out the door. When she launched a couple of days within the past that she used to be going to inch to her sister, I nearly had a coronary heart assault. It’s the first time she’s left the dwelling for more than an hour since the kill.

However alternatively, she didn’t exactly beget a preference. After my mother’s “collections” started spreading, first onto our support porch, and then onto our entrance porch, and then into our yard, our neighbors started a campaign to get Mother and me thrown out. It seems, our very presence used to be contaminating the neighborhood, and single-handedly destroying the likelihood that our neighbors might per chance well per chance ever sell their properties. Whereas the town stopped brief of taking true action against us, they did give us two weeks to orderly up or face fines for all kinds of environmental hazards. My mother went to follow my aunt so she wouldn’t be within the manner, sobbing at any time after I attempted to throw out a broken-down dinner napkin, and I got stuck sorting via 5 years’ worth of gathered trash.

“Check this out.” Abby extracts a stack of worn newspapers from beneath a broken standing lamp. “Now we know what used to be most necessary news in” — she squints — “2014.”

I hoist a field from the ground, feeling a cramped trudge of pride when somewhat of the carpet is revealed. I read off the aspect of the sphere: “‘With the ideal Slice and Cube, kitchen prep is a chase!’”

“Maybe you would additionally unexcited sell that. It’s unexcited within the sphere, true?” Abby climbs to her feet with venture, the negate of a TV stand for leverage. Abby is elephantine. She’s 5-four and weighs A hundred and eighty kilos, has thyroid considerations and prediabetes. She’s additionally insanely pleasing. She has light eyes and darkish hair, the roughly lips that carry out folks heart of attention on kissing, a wonderfully straight nose, beautiful a limited bit upturned.

When she used to be ten, she started a YouTube channel all about type and grace. By fifteen, she had two million subscribers, sponsorships from most necessary brands, and a drift of bank that meant her family might per chance well per chance get out of Garrison, Iowa, and pass support to Vermont, where her grandparents lived.

Abby travels to so many Beautycons, vidcons, and type weeks, she has to homeschool, which is how she and I ended up together — when she’s no longer touring — 5 times per week, four hours a day, paying consideration to Ms. Pinner drone on about everything from story tactics in The Solar Also Rises to the covalent bond. We meet at Abby’s dwelling, three blocks away, for the obvious motive that there’s nowhere to sit down down in my dwelling. There’s infrequently room to breathe.

The Piles beget seen to that. They’re ruthless. They breed. They multiply overnight.

“Definite,” I negate. “Ought to you deal alongside with your veggies with an aspect of gloomy mildew.” I tuck the sphere beneath my arm and carry out my manner to the entrance door, sticking to the path carved fastidiously between the Piles, an never-ending canyon of belongings — flattened cardboard containers tied with wire, rolls and rolls of expired meals market coupons, packing tape and rusted scissors, ancient sneakers and deflated internal tubes and no-longer-purposeful lamps — all stuff that my mother, for some motive, thinks it essential to retain.

Outside, the sky is a unfamiliar colour. The clouds are a seasick inexperienced. We’re supposed to beget a couple of unpleasant days of storms — even perchance a twister — even if no one really believes that. We don’t get tornadoes in Vermont, no longer much less than infrequently, and half the time the news predicts one it’s beautiful to raise ratings.

I heave the sphere into the Dumpster parked in our driveway. The Dumpster is the mountainous, industrial kind broken-down for dwelling renovations and construction projects, and already, after only two days, it’s half-elephantine.

Back interior, Abby is red-confronted, coughing, cupping a hand to her mouth.

“What?” I negate. “What is it?”

“I don’t know.” She chokes out the phrases, eyes watering. “I appreciate it’s an ancient pizza or one thing.”

“Leave it,” I negate rapid, making an try to dismiss the twin rotor blades that start going at the underside of my stomach. “Severely. The sky seems take care of it’s about to throw up.”

“Are you sure?” Abby clearly feels embarrassed that I’m embarrassed. Which beautiful makes me feel worse, especially since Abby’s no longer the roughly one who’s without grief made melancholy. She is the roughly one who, as a substitute of sporting mountainous sweatshirts or sweatpants and making an try to recede, wears feathered skirts and multicolored tights and dyes her hair a diversity of colours, then spends four hours staging a photo shoot with her pet Maltese, Cookie Monster. “We barely made a dent.”

Here is rarely any longer entirely upright. I’m in a position to witness various naked spots within the carpet. The TV and TV console beget been revealed within the living room. I wonder if we unexcited beget cable. “So?” I force a smile. “More for us to attain the following day. Maybe we’ll even get a buried adore.”

“Or the misplaced city of Atlantis,” Abby says, peeling off her gloves and depositing them in a single in every of the originate trash baggage. Sooner than she leaves, she grips my shoulders. “You’re sure-sure-sure? I obtained’t get you the following day suffocated under a pile of dirty laundry and ancient newspapers?”

I force a smile. That unpleasant shredding feeling is unexcited there, churning up my insides. However Abby needs to get out. And I don’t blame her.

I’ve been wanting out for thus lengthy as I could per chance well additionally additionally be aware.

“Recede,” I negate, sidestepping her. “Severely. Sooner than a twister sucks you somewhere over the rainbow.”

She rolls her eyes and gives her stomach a slap. “I’d take care of to witness a twister try.”

“You’re pleasing,” I name after her, as she heads for the door.

“I know,” she calls support.

After Abby’s long gone, I stand there for a minute, inhaling slowly without respiration too deeply. We’ve opened the total windows — these we would get get admission to to, anyway — nonetheless unexcited the living room stinks take care of unwashed upholstery and mildew and worse. The curtains, worn and slick with stains, twist within the wind. It’s darkish for four o’clock, and getting darker each 2nd. However I’m hesitant to present on one in every of the overhead lights.

The Piles gape unpleasant at plain night, sure. However manageable. Formless and tender and irregular. Like I could per chance well additionally be for the duration of a unfamiliar alien panorama, a situation where total mountain ranges are constructed of cardboard and copper, and rivers of plastic drift softly between them. In the sunshine, there’s no manner to pretend.

My mother is loopy. She will be able to’t effect away with anything. She cries even as you happen to try to get her to throw out a catalog, even one she doesn’t take care of. She holds on to matchbooks and sandwich baggage, broken garden rakes and empty flowerpots.

Maybe things would beget been diverse if Dad had stayed. She wasn’t fully traditional support then, nonetheless she wasn’t fully screwy, both. However Dad didn’t defend, and Mother fell aside.

And it’s all my fault.