SpaceX is launching its broadband satellites into orbit this weekend


Following the success of its Falcon Heavy commence, SpaceX is gearing up for its subsequent mission: sending satellites into orbit so that they’ll beam down recordsdata superhighway catch entry to to earth.

The firm isn’t making a quantity of noise about it steady now, but from this letter it despatched to the Federal Communications Commission final week, and a license that the company granted the Elon Musk-fronted company final November, it’s clear that the Falcon 9 rocket that will grab off on Saturday will elevate two Starlink satellites alongside Mexico’s Paz mission payload.

Relief in Can even unprejudiced 2017, SpaceX appeared sooner than the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Technology and explained its plans to commence thousands of satellites to enable broadband catch entry to worldwide, between 2019 and 2024. Why? to place an ISP and form cash to fund missions to Mars, obviously.

It’ll be tantalizing to leer what becomes of this initial commence, because it’s sooner than the time desk laid out sooner than the US Senate. Joy Dunn, the firm’s Senior Supervisor of Contemporary Product Introduction, hinted at a satellite commence in a now-deleted tweet earlier this week; going by SpaceX’s tweets, it appears take care of the mission is a-bolt and ought to peaceful commence from Vandenberg Air Power Wicked at 6:17AM PT on February 17.