Starbreeze confirms Swap is getting an older version of Payday 2


The Payday 2 neighborhood on Reddit is in an uproar over confusion about which version of the sport is coming to the Nintendo Swap later this month. The game’s author has right confirmed to Polygon that now not less than some of their fears are founded.

“Any individual who got the sport early streamed it and the photos has barely a few knowledge,” the distinctive put up said. “The discontinue of heists displays lack the velocity up feature which methodology it’s below version 124. Nevertheless here’s the bizarre component … at 1h 13m 16s, he steps initiate air and the billboards employ the NEW texture which became added in version 131 … so the graphics have been updated however the sport itself has now not. That’s bizarre. Nevertheless at 1h 16m 44s he’s blinded by a flashbang and there might be not any flashbang recent. This implies there’s no flashbang replace, which became replace 124. There isn’t very any doable manner the sport is above version 124.”

The put up became titled: “Please produce now not rob Payday 2 for Swap. It’s a severely outdated-long-established version. Set now not strengthen the developers!”

This led to some support and forth about which version of the sport might presumably per chance be coming to the Nintendo Swap. “A put up titled “Payday 2 Swap ‘Accurate fact’ is on the front page of /r/NintendoSwitch,” an replace to the distinctive put up acknowledged. “They claim Payday 2 on Swap is at replace 147. They’re nasty. The proof they’ve supplied says nowhere that the Swap is on replace 147 and as an various clearly states that the Swap is on the ‘Most Wished’ replace, which is version 117. They’re flat out lying and making up knowledge. I contacted the mods and no action became taken and I bought no response.”

Polygon contacted Payday 2 author Starbreeze to resolve out what became occurring, and it clarified the direct.

Payday 2 is releasing on Swap with screech material as a lot as and together with the ‘Most Wished’ replace, which is completely like the screech material launched by scheme of mid-2017 on PC. PS4 and Xbox One bought one extra replace after that, the ‘Grasp Belief’ replace, which launched near the tip of 2017,” Starbreeze told Polygon. “So Swap is one replace at the support of other consoles, which might presumably per chance be a limited bit at the support of PC.”

So sure, the Nintendo Swap version of the sport might presumably per chance be the least-updated version of the sport readily accessible, whereas the other consoles are nearer to — but now not caught up with — the PC version of the sport. The game that shall be supplied on the Nintendo Swap shall be identical to a version of the title that is stop to a Twelve months primitive.

“The reasoning for the Swap screech material: we’re making continuous updates to a game that’s turning 5 years primitive this Twelve months, and to get the sport out in early 2018 on Swap intended that our team had to head with the screech material ported and readily accessible at the time of console submission,” Starbreeze explained to Polygon. “The PS4 and Xbox One versions are for trip nearly as a lot as par with PC screech material, and Swap is stop at the support of those versions. There are future screech material updates deliberate for Swap, besides.”

The team also launched the next video about the Swap port final week, though it didn’t tackle any concerns referring to which version of the sport might presumably per chance be coming to the console.

It’s unclear if these info will quiet the neighborhood, but many on Reddit are expressing skepticism about the sport being updated after open.

Payday 2 shall be launched on the Nintendo Swap on Feb. 27 in the US.