Stormy Daniels rips Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen after court listening to deals blow to president and his fixer


The prosecuting attorneys pushed again onerous on Cohen and Trump’s arguments that they’ll possess to be the first parties to envision which of the seized paperwork had been good by attorney-client privilege.

U.S. attorney Thomas McKay every other time and each other time objected to the effect a query to, announcing they would utilize this form of route of to prolong the case for months, if now not years.

“He’s going to cloak within the again of overbroad claims of privilege,” McKay said of Cohen.

In a Friday court filing, prosecutors said they already conducted searches of Cohen’s e-mail accounts, which had now not been reported till that time. The searches “demonstrate that Cohen is if truth be told performing exiguous to no legal work, and that zero emails had been exchanged with President Trump,” the prosecutors said.

Within the same filing, counsel for the Trump Organization said it considers “every communication by, between or amongst” Cohen, the group and its workers to be good by attorney-client privilege.

The materials seized from Cohen within the raids comprise up to 10 boxes of printed paperwork and more than two dozen electronic units, including cellphones.

Todd Harrison, a attorney for Cohen, favorite that the case involved data seized from “the sitting president of the USA’ non-public attorney” as allotment of his objection to handing the materials to a taint team earlier than Cohen.

“The stakes are too high,” Harrison said.

Joanna Hendon, a attorney for Trump, argued that the president will possess to be the first to envision the paperwork.

She acknowledged that “it would possess to opt a prolonged time” for Trump and his team to screen screen the materials, but favorite that “right here’s an extra special case.”

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