Supernatural celebrity Jensen Ackles discusses his debut album

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It’s a tall week for Jensen Ackles. Not handiest did the Supernatural celebrity train Thursday’s episode, however Friday marks the debut of his first album.

Ackles and fellow musician Steve Carlson upward push up Radio Firm, a collaboration that used to be formed in 2018. Together, the ragged roommates have been writing and performing collectively for with regards to fifteen years. Their first single, “Sounds of In the future,” used to be featured in Thursday’s episode of Supernatural, and now they’re ready for the sphere to listen to the the rest of their tune.

“As you pay consideration thru the album, you’ll stumble on it’s a shining tall quantity of tune kinds,” Ackles tells EW. “Steve used to be like, ‘This album is wherever from Motown to Metallica.’”

It all stems from the pair’s many alternative musical influences. “You net some soul, you net some heavy rock, you net some singer-songwriter, and you net some frigid, laid-back stoner tune,” he says of the album, which is titled Vol. 1. “It checked numerous containers for me. That used to be the next representation of us as songwriters and our tune tastes because I are attempting to pay consideration to different stuff. And if I will eavesdrop on different stuff on the identical album, then that would be colossal.”

Vol. 1 is available now.

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