Survivor: Jeff Probst addresses Wendell–Laurel downside controversy


A week, Jeff Probst will answer about a questions in regards to basically the most modern episode of Survivor: Ghost Island.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Gamers that scoot on these rewards to give help to the community — in this case, handing over college offers — in total list it as their favourite moment of the season. How critical is that this to you and the crew to total all these rewards, severely since you all own put down roots in Fiji no longer too long in the past?
JEFF PROBST: Fiji has been accomplice these previous couple of years, and we employ many native Fijians on our crew. They’ve change into section of the prolonged Survivor household, so that potentialities are you’ll’t help however change into invested in their successfully-being. It’s very rewarding to stare Americans who are representing Survivor performing as the ambassadors of goodwill. The players are in total in such an open relate that they are able to without downside access the empathetic and compassionate parts of themselves and right say esteem and pleasure and offers. We pause as mighty as we can for the placement other folks in hundreds diversified systems all 365 days long.

Smartly, here’s one thing unique. Sebastian goes to Ghost Island and will get an succor, and in yet one other Survivor twist — it’s one which has already been dilapidated this season: Sarah’s take hold of a vote that Kellyn dilapidated as an further vote. Expose me in regards to the resolution to use items bigger than as soon as, and were the 2 unpicked items in the opposite bamboo additionally items that had been dilapidated this season?
We knew from the 2d Michael misplayed James’ idol early in the season that we need to soundless say a Ghost Island relic help into the sport. It didn’t pause up going on with James’ idol because we had so many other idols we wished to feature. Nonetheless the vote… that one used to be safe because it used to be the safe one in all its form. I feel one in all the opposite items might well presumably need been a returning item, however as I sit here and write this, I in point of truth can’t endure in mind!

Nonetheless I will add that I appreciated this unique ingredient of Survivor — possibility your vote for an succor. That is now a novel twist that we can use again right worship other advantages and twists. It poses a really big jam. And since I don’t repeatedly wish to read every vote, you’ve got a shot to derive away with it. That’s a possibility some will salvage worth taking.

There’s a really unique disaster here on the pause of the immunity downside the keep apart Wendell finishes the puzzle, however he appears to be like to be looking out it over to invent sure it’s lawful. In the intervening time, Laurel calls you over to test hers, and she wins. Has the rest worship this ever came about earlier than and what occurs here if Wendell challenged the ruling?
Nothing worship this has ever came about earlier than. It used to be bizarre. I feel Wendell used to be half of-checking his puzzle and half of-dazed. Genuinely, I didn’t even know he had it because there used to be no signal from him at all. It used to be handiest seeing it help in editing later that I might well presumably clearly stare he had it accomplished earlier than Laurel. Nonetheless we’re deep into this game, and cognitive characteristic is in rare present, and I in point of truth utter Wendell right had a runt lapse. What impressed me most used to be how each Wendell and Laurel dealt with it. Laurel obviously took the necklace, however she used to take into accout it used to be a tricky disaster. And Wendell right dealt with it straight up. He didn’t whinge at all. He used to be frustrated, however he owned it as his mistake.

Kellyn used to be a strolling emotional roller-coaster available as you might well presumably stare every single expression right on her face — and her total physique, for that topic. Give me your purchase on her game and time on the island.
I appreciated Kellyn. Yes, she used to be emotional, however she used to be very open in sharing she used to be in a lifestyles transition. I used to be so moved by how mighty she shared about leaving her marriage and embarking on a novel proceed. I feel Kellyn additionally offers a huge take into fable in how mighty more uncomplicated it’s when issues are going your technique and how mighty more difficult it’s when you happen to are down in the numbers and right can’t invent the rest happen. Kellyn gave so a lot available. She played arduous. She tried to mix the sport up. She used to be a huge interview and an improbable commentator on what used to be going on within the tribe. It’s seemingly you’ll well presumably presumably’t query for the rest extra from a participant.

Six players left with a million bucks at stake as we head into the three-hour finale/reunion extravaganza. What are you able to roar us?
It’s FAR from over. So mighty soundless to come help. This is able to well even be a really provocative evening. Pop an further extensive bowl of popcorn, then resolve in.

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