Survivor: Kellyn Bechtold unearths her biggest mistake within the sport


To name Kellyn Bechtold emotional would be an underestimation. The girl wears her feelings on her sleeves… and her pants… and her bathing swimsuit… and reasonably considerable wherever else that you just may set up on feelings.

But when she turn into once voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island, Kellyn took it completely in hotfoot. It turn into once a much teach from most definitely the most principal exuberant highs and PISSED OFF lows the wildly gesticulating one skilled out on the island, nonetheless proved Kellyn turn into once a correct sport deep down.

Ghost Island’s most appealing contestant known as into EW Morning Reside (Leisure Weekly Radio, SiriusXM, channel 105) to chat all about her time within the sport. Did she scramble to finish? Why did her renowned gut lead her astray? And what are some issues we did no longer glimpse on TV? We requested Kellyn all that and extra and here are some highlights from our chat.

EW RADIO: We noticed a quantity of Donathan this remaining episode, nonetheless what we didn’t undoubtedly glimpse turn into once a quantity of you scrambling to finish. What had been these remaining 3 days devour for you within the event you knew you had been in disaster?
KELLYN BECHTOLD: Donathan simply undoubtedly out-emoted me, so they needed to inform him extra because he turn into once making your total loopy facial expressions! [Laughs] No, I turn into once working laborious. After Chelsea left, I knew my title turn into once subsequent and I had misplaced Laurel. After I voted in opposition to her, she couldn’t accumulate previous that and she didn’t belief me. So my play for the remaining few days turn into when I sat with Dom for hours to are trying to persuade him that he can’t beat Wendell on the tip. And that wasn’t working so I sat with Wendell and went by means of each single one who turn into once going to be on the jury and turn into once devour, “This individual will vote for Dom and this individual will vote for Dom, and this individual will vote for Laurel or Donathan.” But these members simply would no longer scramble.

It turn into once undoubtedly an spell binding game of Survivor where two members had been so openly finish and they had so considerable ammunition in their pocket and it turn into once a laborious fight to are trying to strive in opposition to. But I positively did no longer quit and turn into once reasonably wrathful to build up the vote to tie there on the tip. So I went out swinging.

As soon because it turn into once simply between you and Donathan on the tie, how confident had been you that you just had been getting voted out?
One-hundred p.c. I knew it turn into once me. Sebastian and I had an oddly finish relationship that we haven’t seen available and, of direction Angela and I had been very finish, and both of all of them day had been reasonably upset and unhappy. I don’t judge there turn into once any manner Dom and Wendell had been appealing to present me one other shot at immunity.

You talked a lot about trusting your gut this season. What turn into once it devour staring at some of those episodes where your gut led you astray, devour where you refused to suppose Desiree turn into once after you and within the event you bought somewhat fooled by Michael and his non-existent idol?
First of all, I bought tired of listening to about my belly so each person else turn into once presumably equally tired of it too! But staring on the memoir assistance is a form of in loads of options from the trend you expertise, it nonetheless it’s unprecedented, appropriate? That’s the ideal allotment of staring at Survivor as a fan. While you take a seat and residential and you don’t know the relaxation and each person on the camouflage camouflage is aware of the entirety, that’s no longer relaxing! The relaxing thing is to be for your couch, and know what’s occurring and to peep members peep undoubtedly invent of devour idiots on TV. So, if the relaxation, for the entertainment component, it turn into once a huge flow. And I voted appropriate each Tribal and knew what turn into once going to happen, so I had a lot figured out and a lot no longer figured out.

Does it aloof PISS YOU OFF that Wendell went to Ghost Island after that Loved Ones reward disaster?
You understand, I undoubtedly occupy forgiven Wendell for taking part in for a million dollars. I judge extra than the relaxation I turn into once just so pissed off that the boys had been undoubtedly telling each person what to cease and to build up in line. And as of us that in fact know me in my existence, I am a feminist. I need ladies to attain together and work together. And to peep those boys simply one after the other accelerate away the ladies support at camp and judge we weren’t going to cease the relaxation? Smartly, turns out they had been appropriate, nonetheless it turn into once so nerve-racking and that’s where my frustration got here out. Wendell — correct on him. He made the perfect accelerate as a Survivor fan.

Who turn into once on your closing 3?
Angela turn into once balloting with me the general time. I undoubtedly would occupy cherished to occupy long gone with Chelsea. And then when that began to crumple I understanding there turn into once a likelihood I would possibly well accumulate Sebastian to attain my manner and I turn into once appealing to engage them. And honestly, I’d occupy long gone with Laurel and Donathan as effectively. Maybe I’m corpulent of myself and members can laugh at this, nonetheless I judge I would possibly well’ve overwhelmed any individual rather then Dom and Wendell on the closing Tribal, so I turn into once appealing to engage any of that crew to the tip.

Became once there no manner to build up Laurel over?
My biggest mistake turn into once to judge that each person would be appealing to engage dangers and I do know that it looks to be like devour I wasn’t appealing to engage dangers that considerable nonetheless I severely understanding, those boys are working the expose. Every person did what they talked about to build up Chris out. Every person did what they talked about to build up Libby out. Every person did what they talked about to build up Des out. And I understanding, what, if I take a seat here one extra vote, then all these Malolos ought to be appealing to interchange. And they weren’t. Laurel turn into once tried and simply.

Factual on Wendell. And I turn into once in Wendell’s lair for a while too. He sucked me in. So I understand the plan in working with Wendell, nonetheless I tried the entirety with Laurel, Each thing. My brother recorded me when I purchased support from the expose and I bet I advised Laurel, which wasn’t advantageous, “I hope you’re okay with giving up millions of bucks because while you received’t make this accelerate then you’ll by no manner be playing Survivor but again!” Like, undoubtedly gross Survivor play, nonetheless this after days and days and days of making an are trying to build up her to accelerate on those boys and she would simply peep at me devour I turn into once loopy.

Obviously handiest so considerable can make it to air. Uncover me the one thing that by no manner made it to TV that you just need we had seen.
I suppose I had, and aloof occupy, gigantic relationships with a quantity of americans within the sport. I’m undoubtedly finish guests with Stephanie Johnson. Jenna and I focus on a lot. Sebastian and I had been undoubtedly finish available. I suppose devour I had a truly gigantic social game and I judge I overplayed that hand somewhat bit, so it turn into once somewhat outlandish that that wasn’t shown, that I turn into once constructing a quantity of bonds with members. So I bet I need there turn into once somewhat extra of my actual relationships, nonetheless that’s a selfish thing because that performed into my expertise and no longer primarily the sport expertise. I undoubtedly don’t remorse a thing when I peep on the general.

What had been your options within the event you bought to the merge and realized Bradley turn into once long gone?
I turn into once having gigantic-mixed feelings. I turn into once devour, “Oh, s—, that’s my accelerate or die! And he’s long gone and now I’m the ideal one here with orange blood on my fingers. And my concept going into the merge turn into once to simply blame it on Bradley. Bradley is the “wicked one.” He’s the villain. He turn into once long gone, I felt gigantic-exposed and devour, wow, I undoubtedly pissed off your total Malolos and the members in Naviti are going to glimpse I did a quantity of work and I felt devour I needed to quiet down and turn into the mom bear of Naviti and provide protection to myself somewhat bit.

Would you cease it everywhere but again and attain support to play a 2nd time?
The Survivor door is continuously begin. I don’t judge you ought to ever quit a likelihood at 1-in-20 or 1-in-18 at a million dollars. And I suppose devour I undoubtedly occupy unfinished industry, simply devour each single other one who hasn’t made it your total manner to the tip. So, Jeff, I’m here. You understand where to search out me. And I’d be happy to head out and take a look at to cease better subsequent time.

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