Syrian refugees in Lebanon: Can any of them return home?

Syrian refugees in Lebanon: Can any of them return home?

Lebanon is home to the top selection of refugees per capita on this planet.

Among them are no longer decrease than 1000000 Syrians – a fragment of these displaced by eight years of battle.

Lebanon has long complained of the burden it carries; officers hiss the refugee crisis has price the nation better than $20bn.

As Bashar al-Assad‘s authorities regains administration over powerful of Syria, we stammer to one refugee family in Lebanon about the stress to come motivate home from politicians, and whether or no longer going motivate is even an option.

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The Crew:

Alexandra Locke and Jasmin Bauomy produced this episode with Priyanka Tilve, Dina Kesbeh, Ney Alvarez, Amy Walters, Morgan Waters and Imtiaz Tyab. Ian Coss is the sound kind designer. Natalia Aldana is the social media producer. Graelyn Brashear is the demonstrate’s lead producer.

Particular attributable to Zeina Khodr, Ali Abbass, and Sara Moussa.


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SOURCE: Al Jazeera Files