The 10 top-paying jobs in tech

The 10 top-paying jobs in tech

For many workers, landing a job at a tech firm capability incomes a mountainous wage and taking half in over-the-high perks, like nap rooms, free snacks, even ski trips and snug hours. 

And they’re not atrocious. It be a recognition befitting the industry that is mainly the most represented on Glassdoor’s Most efficient Areas to Work list and pays its average world employee $a hundred thirty five,000 a twelve months, in accordance with a witness by, which analyzed recordsdata from bigger than sixty 9,000 job seekers.

Not all tech jobs come with such perfect salaries, nonetheless there are about a key roles that pull that average up, offering annual pay as high as $163,000 a twelve months.

Glassdoor analyzed bigger than 71,000 open job listings at tech firms that require recordsdata of code, machine or recordsdata and stumbled on that even when machine engineers and machine vogue engineers were the roles most sought-after by employers — that suggests they had essentially the most vacant positions — they weren’t essentially the most financially rewarding.

As a change, the next 10 roles pay tech workers essentially the most for his or her talents:

10. Knowledge security engineer

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Moderate wage for open roles on Glassdoor: $131,300

These analysts notion and put in power the safety features crucial to guard a corporation’s networks and programs from cyberattacks and security breaches. They in overall investigate any security violations or likely breaches that arise, conduct penetration checking out, create security standards for a firm, and mumble machine, like firewalls and recordsdata encryption, to guard beautiful recordsdata.

9. DevOps engineer

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Moderate wage for open roles on Glassdoor: $137,four hundred

DevOps engineers work with builders, operations and varied IT personnel to oversee contemporary machine deployment. They in overall relieve a firm open miniature aspects or modifications to a product fleet after which incorporate strategies about such modifications.

eight. Endeavor architect

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Moderate wage for open roles on Glassdoor: $A hundred and forty four,four hundred

These workers tackle mighty of the interplay between the enterprise facet of a firm and its IT department. They are largely enthusiastic about guaranteeing that the enterprise goals of a corporation are linked to and supported by its IT blueprint.

7. Technical program manager

Moderate wage for open roles on Glassdoor: $a hundred forty 5,000

These managers are responsible for handling all aspects of a technical venture’s hump for a firm. Which implies they’ve to launch the program, be conscious its development, and present reinforce if disorders arise. They in overall coordinate efforts among their very private workers and open air vendors, set apart schedules and timelines for every workers and the venture, and create particular points in time are met.

6. Machine architect

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Moderate wage for open roles on Glassdoor: $a hundred forty 5,four hundred

Equal to the role of undertaking architect, this tech roles functions as a machine developer who makes high-level create decisions and is responsible for thinking thru all aspects and likely pitfalls of a machine. They would possibly furthermore just furthermore set apart the technical standards for an organization, from the coding languages historical to tools and varied platforms wanted.

5. Functions architect

Moderate wage for open roles on Glassdoor: $149,000

These workers create or improve upon existing pc, smartphone, or varied gadgets’ functions, much like note processors or video games, for customers to make mumble of. As properly as, they bound machine checking out of these functions, produce product prototypes and write manuals concerning to application vogue. Some would possibly presumably well furthermore just furthermore mutter firms on the safe functions to make mumble of interior their organization.

Four. Infrastructure architect

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Moderate wage for open roles on Glassdoor: $153,000

These architects create and invent the info verbal exchange networks and varied recordsdata programs that reinforce a corporation. They in overall will must bear in depth recordsdata of a corporation’s marketing approach so as that they can produce the safe community to relieve that firm.

3. Machine vogue manager

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Moderate wage for open roles on Glassdoor: $153,300

These workers oversee decrease-level machine builders, who act the ingenious minds within the motivate of pc functions, in accordance with the BLS. They devise the functions that allow folks to atomize relate duties on a pc or varied neat tool to boot to the underlying programs that bound the gadgets or that regulate networks.

2. Records warehouse architect

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Moderate wage for open roles on Glassdoor: $154,800

A recordsdata warehouse refers to the best retailer of recordsdata that a enterprise accumulates from interior and open air sources in mutter to create greater management decisions. A recordsdata warehouse architect is the individual responsible for designing how that recordsdata is securely saved to boot to the technologies and tools that can ideal relieve a corporation extract, transform and with out bellow mumble that recordsdata.

1. Machine engineering manager

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Moderate wage for open roles on Glassdoor: $163,500

The top-paid role goes to folks that oversee varied machine engineers or builders. They relieve in creating contemporary pc machine or bettering existing pc functions, determining the feasibility of a machine’s operations, and discovering solutions to any machine disorders.

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