The Bahamas is issuing cryptocurrency guidelines to combat spurious ICOs

The Bahamas is issuing cryptocurrency guidelines to combat spurious ICOs

Regulators from all the scheme by the realm possess been waking up to cryptocurrency law this 365 days and it looks the Bahamas are the most traditional to originate their eyes.

The Central Bank of the Bahamas (CBOB) has published a regulatory framework in preparations to integrate cryptocurrency-based mostly mostly assets into its financial services industrial, in response to the Nassau Guardian.

The framework seeks to handle most of the regulatory challenges the CBOC at cover associates with the utilize of cryptocurrencies similar to tax evasion, market volatility, spurious preliminary coin offerings (ICOs), and anti-cash laundering policies.

The CBOB ponder the cryptocurrency industrial’s methodology to global law is too fragmented – making it no longer easy to “manage emerging risks in the fintech enviornment.”

As such, the CBOB is calling to place into effect a preference of amendments to guidelines instructed by the likes of the global financial fund (IMF).

These amendments will require any industrial working in, or from the Bahamas, to “cover trusty and sound industrial practices; cover that they possess systems in house to measure, video display, and adequately administration market and other risks; and compile obvious they possess in house auditable policies, practices and procedures to forestall the utilize of their services for prison functions.”

Anti-cash laundering policies can even be compulsory.

By the scheme, this news is accessible in the identical week that Thai authorities supplied they would be regulating ICOs by a dedicated portal designed to toughen security, reduce fraud, and encourage facilitate due diligence.

Printed November 9, 2018 — 15:06 UTC

Matthew Beedham

Matthew Beedham

November 9, 2018 — 15:06 UTC