The World’s Oldest Known Sumatran Orangutan Has Died at Age 62


The enviornment’s oldest known Sumatran orangutan died Monday on the Perth Zoo in Australia. She passed away on the “immense outmoded age” of 62, zookeepers stated.

Puan, which intention “lady” in Indonesian, left in the support of an “amazing legacy” of fifty four descendants including 11 formative years and was a famed matriarch who helped place her species, per a assertion from Perth Zoo.

“She did so grand for the colony at Perth Zoo and the survival of her species,” stated primate supervisor at Perth Zoo Holly Thompson. “Besides being the oldest member of our colony, she was additionally the founding member of our world-well-known breeding program and leaves a rare legacy. Her genetics count for factual below 10% of the world zoological population.”

Puan’s offspring spans Europe, the US, Australasia and the jungles of Sumatra. A tall grandson named Nyaru was essentially the most as much as the moment of her descendants to be launched into the wild.

“There in actual fact aren’t words to list Puan and the affect she has had on no longer handiest the breeding program at Perth Zoo, however additionally on the folks who over the previous 50-uncommon years have cared for her,” Perth Zoo keeper Martina Hart wrote in the West Australian paper Tuesday.

Hart paid a interesting tribute to Puan, who she described as a “tranquil, dignified lady” who would “faucet her foot to invent you bustle alongside” if a zookeeper was gradual with dinner. “Puan demanded and deserved respect,” she stated.

Born in roughly 1956 on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, Puan was proficient to the Perth Zoo by Malaysia in 1968. Female orangutans no longer many times dwell previous the age of fifty, and in 2016, she was known by the Guinness E-book of Info because the oldest verified living Sumatran orangutan on the earth.

Sumatran orangutans are a critically endangered species with about 7,500 left on the earth, per WWF figures.

At the Perth Zoo, Puan leaves in the support of two daughters, four grandchildren and a tall grandson.

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