This improbable mashup of forty six Nintendo melodies correct made my day


No videogame firm has as dazzling and numerous a group of tune as Nintendo. Composers delight in Koji Kondo – he peaceable the iconic Mario and Zelda issues, to title about a – hold created a good sonic palette of tune that’s as hummable on the present time as Two decades ago.

Point is, I’ve spent plenty of time listening to videogame tune, but I will also’ve correct bump into one in all the finest mashup of Nintendo tunes ever:

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YouTuber Grant Woolard is smartly-known for his tune medleys – his classical tune mashups hold millions of views – whole with visuals showing each demonstrate and key substitute. This video concepts in particular very most entertaining animations with nods to a whole lot of of the games fervent. In reasonably over four minutes, the forty six melodies are interwoven with seamless counterpoint and solidarity location to charming Eight-bit-ish sounds.

I’m going to hold rather about a tune stuck in my head on the present time.

If I in truth hold any criticism it’d merely be that they’re largely older tunes, so the video is missing out on about a of the good melodies of extra present Nintendo games delight in final year’s Dapper Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild. Hopefully there’s a allotment two in the works, but in the intervening time that it’s likely you’ll also take a look at out extra of Woolard’s work on his channel here.

Nintendo Mashup
on Grant Woolard [YouTube]