This Sony patent can even point out the PlayStation 5 will if truth be told be the PlayStation V

This Sony patent can even point out the PlayStation 5 will if truth be told be the PlayStation V

Sony Interactive Entertainment reportedly filed a latest patent for what appears to be a brand fresh gaming console, whole with drawings indicating this can even neutral enjoy a thorough invent featuring a V-fashioned indent on high.

Credit score: Let’s Lunge Digital

The ‘leak’ comes to us from Let’s Lunge Digital, and the paperwork seem to be valid. But don’t rep too excited: right here is nearly absolutely now not going to be the high-quality scrutinize of the valid PlayStation 5 console. Prospects are, right here is one among the concepts for the PlayStation 5 developer’s equipment. Dev kits are customarily bulkier and enjoy extra ports than the performed product because, at this stage, there’s tiny reason for engineers to predicament themselves with aesthetics.

This invent, which the patent attributes to Sony Director of Engineering Yasuhiro Ootori, has a huge V on high of it though. I’m guessing it wasn’t assign there to accommodate express hardware. And that begs the query: Why would a high engineer at Sony battle by technique of the reveal of coming up with a admire invent for a dev equipment?

The easy respond is that he felt admire it. Within the occasion you’re the boss you would dwell stuff admire that. Presumably he factual loved the form – maybe he became inspired by the favorable duck and its penchant for flying in a mighty “V” formation. But I’m going to toss one correct at you from formulation out in left self-discipline: Sony will eschew Arabic numerals going forth and rebrand its fresh console because the PlayStation V. Screech. Did I factual blow your mind?

As my colleague Rachel Kaser identified to me earlier right this moment: It wouldn’t be the principle time Sony‘s assign the letter V in a console name. There’s the PlayStation Vita. Everyone is aware of that “vita” is Italian for “existence.” And Italy is where is Rome is at (provide: Reddit) — ergo Roman numerals. I leisure my case.

Lift out with this wild conjecture what it is probably going you’ll maybe perchance. Within the purpose out time, test out these shiny-frigid photography of previous PlayStation dev kits curated by @TheYadda on Twitter (hat tip).

We’ve reached out to Sony with our nonsense, we’ll let if any individual responds.

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