Tim Robbins fundamental aspects the ‘most lethal piece’ of his Shawshank Redemption atomize out

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“It used to be the acceptable script I’ve study,” Tim Robbins says of The Shawshank Redemption.

The enduring allure of the 1994 Frank Darabont movie, in response to a Stephen King short memoir, appears to be like to counsel many target audience participants would trust Robbins. However the movie, which chronicles the wrongful imprisonment of Andy Dufresne (Robbins), his bonding with fellow prisoners, alongside side “Purple” Redding (Morgan Freeman), and his eventual atomize out, didn’t contrivance with out its half of hazards for Robbins.

The iconic scene the do he crawls via the sewer pipe and escapes accurate into a within reach river/flee-off used to be beefy of perils for the actor. The pipe itself used to be shiny, though Robbins tells PeopleTV, while sitting down for Sofa Browsing, that the categorical atomize out would on no yarn be plausible“It’s supposed to be feces, which by the style, you wouldn’t be in a residing to outlive this because of the the methane would extinguish you,” he explains. “No, what this used to be, used to be what they name Fuller’s Earth, which is whenever you’re doing a movie, whenever you’ve acquired grime, they fill tidy grime. Dirt that’s not dirty grime. I don’t know what the distinction is.”

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However the “most lethal piece” wasn’t the excrement-soaked lumber via a sewer pipe — it used to be in spite of the full thing the most redemptive factor of the scene, the do Andy escapes accurate into a river in the center of a rainstorm. “This used to be farm flee-off, so that water had all forms of toxins in it,” Robbins reveals of the body of water he splashes into.

Silent, he says it used to be price it. “I love this movie because of the it if truth be told earns this 2d,” he notes. “It gets there via a prolonged dart of patience and faith and hope. I mediate that’s why it’s lasted for as prolonged because it has.”

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