Traditional WWF arcade wrestling game is getting an even looking out legitimate sequel

Traditional WWF arcade wrestling game is getting an even looking out legitimate sequel

When you occur to haven’t heard of RetroMania Wrestling but, perchance this might perchance occasionally procure your attention: It is now officially the sequel to the cherished 1991 arcade game WWF WrestleFest.

Let’s support up rather, as licenses are concerned — and RetroMania Wrestling is not affiliated with the WWE/WWF. Composed, WrestleFest stays an intellectual property owned by the famend struggling with game savants at Arc Machine Works (having received it from accepted publishers Technos of Japan). And now they’ve licensed it to Retrosoft Studios, which started pattern on RetroMania Wrestling closing year, calling it a spiritual successor to the 1991 cabinet primary. Effectively, now it is canonically the sequel.

WWF Wrestlefest had a lineup of 12 genuine-existence WWF warring parties; RetroMania’s roster can possess Nick Aldis, Tommy Dreamer, Johnny Retro (John Hennigan), Zack Sabre, Jr., Colt Cabana, Austin Idol, the Blue Meanie, Stevie Richards, and Hollywood Nova, all of whom had runs within the ECW and WWE greater than a decade ago. RetroMania also aspects Dual carriageway Warrior Hawk and Dual carriageway Warrior Animal, the NWA label crew that moved to the WWF within the early Nineties and were a boss-stage adversary within the distinctive game.

Most likely extra vastly, no topic deal that Retrosoft reached with ArcSys also entails the rights to the lineup of 1985’s Mat Mania — which incorporates Insane Warrior and Karate Fighter, Coco Savege (sic), and The Pirania (sic) besides, one hopes, studio announcer Cory. As a longtime Mat Mania fighter myself, I’ll be dissatisfied if I will’t rob down Savege with repeated headbutts.

Retrosoft says that Mat Mania’s lineup will appear in RetroMania Wrestling’s epic mode, and be available as player characters later in put up-originate DLC. RetroSoft is eyeballing an early 2020 originate for RetroMania Wrestling on PlayStation four, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and House windows PC.