What Arya’s unique weapon would possibly well mean for Game of Thrones

What Arya’s unique weapon would possibly well mean for Game of Thrones

Spoilers forward for “Winterfell,” episode 1 of Game of Thrones, season eight.

In Game of Thrones’ season eight premiere, Arya Stark reunites alongside with her crush, Gendry, who’s moreover a blacksmith, and asks him to earn her a mysterious unique weapon. We most productive earn a instant stare at a create she’s drawn, nonetheless there are about a clues from Arya’s past about what the weapon would be.

Arya’s arsenal is pretty rotund already. In season 7, she obtained her fingers on a brand unique weapon, an unnamed dagger fabricated from Valyrian metal, the related one feeble in an assassination are attempting in opposition to her youthful brother, Bran Stark. She moreover has her sword, Needle, which Jon Snow gave her in season 1. That weapon has served her smartly within the Water Dance sword scuffling with style, where she has to be agile and instant. But as she reminds Jon in “Winterfell,” it’s no longer fabricated from Valyrian metal, so it’d be unnecessary in opposition to the undead White Walkers coming from the north.

Presumably, the unique weapon Arya is commissioning from Gendry will abet her face off in opposition to White Walkers from a safer distance, in have to having to come up shut to stab them alongside with her Valyrian dagger. We can glance from the schematics that fragment of the weapon is fabricated from dragonglass, a materials that kills White Walkers and wights. It moreover seems to be as if the dragonglass fragment is detachable and can simply be fitted inside of a longer staff-like weapon, either with a hilt on the opposite quit, or one other stabby fragment.

We moreover know from Arya’s coaching in seasons 5 and 6 that she’s educated with a staff and with switching between weapons, as she does when she spars with Brienne of Tarth in season 7, with both Needle and her dagger. So the unique weapon she’s ordering would possibly well combine a staff and a dagger, to steal rotund just correct thing about Arya’s coaching from thoroughly different sources. And it suggests a weapon that will per chance change states at some stage in wrestle, in dispute to ask more artistic wrestle choreography.

She’s tidy to be gearing up. Confidently, she’s no longer the worthwhile one who will get a brand unique White Walker-scuffling with weapon this season. Jon introduced home shops of dragonglass from Dragonstone remaining season, so there ought to be quite quite a bit of fabric to crawl round in crafting artistic weapons in opposition to the undead.