When life provides you lemons, create a video of it rolling down a hill and accept 4M views on Instagram


When life handed Mike Saskasegawa a lemon, he did what somebody would cease: made a video of it rolling down a hill.

For context, Mike used to be strolling house from after a proceed and saw a lemon rolling down a hill. He grabbed his smartphone and started to movie it as it persevered its dash down the boulevard, along a sidewalk discontinuance to his house. Why here is so goddamn inviting, I haven’t any thought. But frankly, I couldn’t terminate searching at.

The video clocks in at great below two minutes, and whereas I’d admire to allow you to understand there used to be a surprise ending or some cause you have to always quiet “take a seat up for it” and glance as it reaches the backside. I’m in a position to’t. It’s great a lemon rolling down a hill.

But what I’m in a position to allow you to understand is that you’re no longer on my own. There’s a form of kinship that comes with searching at a video that nearly five million others (as of this writing) watched before you, all whereas, presumably, attempting to make your mind up on out why they were quiet searching at too.

Perchance it’s our inner small one talking, a pure 2nd the effect we can silent down and love the easy things in life. Or in all likelihood it’s the zen-admire feeling that washes over you and erases the stress of the day. Perchance it’s admire the paper catch in American Class, great a straightforward object doing one thing it wasn’t supposed to total — which in and of itself is form of fascination. Or, in all likelihood we’re biologically programmed to root for the underdog: admire a lemon, which clearly wasn’t designed to compete in endurance events, racing down a boulevard.

I don’t know why here is so inviting, nonetheless it’s. Factual glance it and revel in.


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