World Pharmacist Day celebrations by TMSS

world farmachist
Speaking on the occasion of World Pharmacist Day, Thangamara spoke on the occasion as the chief guest at the discussion held in Bogra, TMSS Deputy Executive Director Dr. Motiur Rahman.

A discussion meeting was organized at TMTI’s lecture gallery in Thangamara Bogra on Monday, on the occasion of World Pharmacist Day, organized by the Department of Pharmacy of the TMSS Medical Technology Institute.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Managing Director of TMSS, Dr. Matiur Rahman spoke on the occasion. Dr. Anup Rahman Chowdhury, Director of Medical Education, Dr. Anup Rahman Chowdhury, Principal of TMMS Community Paramedic Institute, Dr Sudhir Chandra Boni, Technical Officer of the Department of Medical Education, Md. Rafiqul Islam, spoke on the occasion as special guest at the function of Dr. Dewan Abdul Latif, Principal, TMSS Medical Technology Institute. In this discussion, speakers talk about World Pharmacists for the rights of pharmacists to celebrate World Femoral Day on 25 September in the proposal of the Turkish Pharmacists Association at World Pharmacist Congress in Istanbul, Turkey in 2009.

This proposal was widely accepted in the world and from that on 25 September World Pharmacist Day began with full dignity. Speakers also said that only a pharmacist would keep a comprehensive knowledge of medicine, medicine, research and medicine. Pharmacists get the opportunity to live beside the common people by providing services. The theme of the day is “From research to health care, your pharmacist will serve you”.

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