Hair Highlighter Is A Thing Now And It’s Bringing Back All The 00’s Disco Vibes


Remember that time in the early 2000’s where you were a literal nobody if you didn’t spray on a tonne of hair glitter before heading off to the school disco? Well 2017 has proved that the shiny-haired trend is back is business again.

A new product Hair Strobing Glitter Spray has been pioneered by GK, and the product is supposedly way less clumpy and messy than the sprays of yesteryear. Infact, the “lightweight” mist is said to wash right out of your hair when you’re done with it. 

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While we’ve all been promised wonders with beauty products that then turned out to be less-than-perfect, the creators of Hair Strobing have insisted that the “moonstone” extract is actually pretty special. 

“A common complaint with glitter sprays is that they look like dandruff,” Aaron Grenia, one of four co-founders of IGK said. “You won’t experience that since the moonstone particles are really tiny. They reflect light differently.”

People familiar with the brand will know that their products come with an option of alternating how heavily you want the product to be applied. Simply ease off the nozzle a bit if you’re going for a subtle look, of layer up if you want maximum impact. 

Another co-founder Leo Izquierdo said: “With the color sprays [another IGK product], you can use a fine mist to create a pastel shade, or layer it for a more dramatic effect. The same goes here!”


Even better, the glitter rinses right out after a hair wash and is also infused with coconut oil to keep your hair feeling as nourished as ever. Sounds like the stuff glitter dreams are made of. 


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