Jennifer Lawrence Remembers Standing In ‘Degrading’ Naked Line-Up For the interval of Audition


Jennifer Lawrence has opened up about a “humiliating” and “degrading” moment she experienced as a younger actress when a female producer instructed her to preserve terminate section in a unadorned line-up in the course of an audition.

The 27-twelve months-feeble came forward with the expertise in a speech at Elle’s Girls folk In Hollywood Match on Monday evening, the build aside she went into detail for the first time in regards to the incident. 

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Taking to the lectern to observation on her mistreatment in the exchange, Jen started: “When I was noteworthy youthful and starting out, I was instructed by producers of a film to lose 15 pounds in two weeks,” 

“One girl earlier than me had already been fired for no longer losing the weight like a flash ample,” she added. “For the interval of this time a female producer had me carry out a nude lineup with about five ladies who had been noteworthy, noteworthy, thinner than me. All of us stood aspect by aspect with most bright tape on retaining our privates.”

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Jennifer went on to describe the moment as a “degrading and humiliating” expertise, made worse by the truth the producer instructed she consume the naked photography of herself as “inspiration” to shed weight.

After elevating her concerns to 1 more producer on the film, Jennifer acknowledged that his acknowledge used to be no longer up to priceless: “He acknowledged he did not know why all people belief I was so bulky, he belief I was ‘perfectly f–kable.”

While it be straightforward for outsiders attempting in on the scenario to reveal that she’s going to have to indulge in walked out the door, Jen identified that she feared her occupation used to be on the line. 

“I’m unruffled finding out that I don’t want to smile when a person makes me discouraged,” she acknowledged. “Every human being will have to indulge in the vitality to be handled with respect because they’re human.”

This all comes after Hollywood prosperous person Harvey Weinstein has been accused of various counts of sexual assault. 

Jennifer, who labored with Weinstein on Silver Linings Playbook, instructed Of us Journal that she used to be “deeply afraid” to hear the news, but hadn’t experienced any harassment herself.

“I labored with Harvey five years in the past and I did not expertise any fabricate of harassment for my allotment, nor did I do know about any of these allegations. This more or less abuse is inexcusable and fully upsetting.”

She endured: “My heart goes out to all the ladies tormented by these snide actions. And I are attempting to thank them for their bravery to return forward.”


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