Sophie Kasaei Is ‘Sick’ Of Looking At Pictures Taken Before Her Body Transformation


Sophie Kasaei has opened up about how it feels to undergo a drastic image overhaul in a short space of time and she’s explained that looking back at old pictures of herself is probably her least favourite thing to do.

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The Geordie Shore lass is looking minter than ever lately, but she’s discussed the downside of waiting so long before taking action.  

In an interview with Closer Magazine, Soph said that she experienced a whole host of sluggish symptoms before embarking on her healthier lifestyle. 

“I used to feel really tired all the time and I didn’t want to get up in the morning. I thought I was just tired but, really, I was unfit,” she said.

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The plus side is that Soph is feeling a lot more comfortable in her skin nowadays. “Now I’ve got more energy. I used to try to squeeze into a size 10 and convince myself I was that size, but now size 10 clothes actually fit! I’m proud of myself.”

As for the moment that sparked Soph’s decision to look after her body, it was actually the prospect of mingling with Hollywood celebs at the MTV VMAs back in August that prompted her to change her ways. “I wanted to look my best this year,” she began. 

“I knew I’d be around all these amazing Hollywood stars and it was the biggest event I’d ever been to; I didn’t want to go there looking fat. I know I’m going to get papped every night and I’m sick of looking back at the pictures and regretting how I look.”

Well there’s literally a 0% chance that Soph will look back at how she currently looks with regret because our lass is looking like an absolute worldie. 

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